Industrial Pump & Valve Repair Services

Pump & Valve Services

Pump Repair

Pump Services

New England Pump & Valve specializes in rebuilding, servicing, repairing and maintaining your pumps.

Valve Repair

Valve Services

New England Pump & Valve routinely rebuilds and repairs all types, styles, and sizes of valves, actuators, and gear drives.

Fabrication & Machining
Fabrication and Machining Services

18,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing and assembly.

Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Coating

Pump efficiency and life span can be greatly improved by epoxy coating pump casings and impellers.

Pump System Installations & Maintenance System Installations & Maintenance

New England Pump & Valve designs, fabricates, and installs pump skids and booster stations to order for virtually any application.

Field Services Field Services

NEPV has a team of technicians ready to manage install, service or repair your pump systems or equipment.

Equipment Serviced

Vertical Pump Repair

New England Pump & Valve (NEPV), performing quality pump and valve services, machining services, complete system design, installations and maintenance as well as field services since 1980.

NEPV has over 30 years of experience of providing top-notch service and high-quality pump repair and installation of pump systems to a wide range of industries. Our specialties for repairing and installing pumps include centrifugal, circulating, submersible, closed couples, vertical turbine and split case. Our repair work is backed by a 12 months warranty as per our limited warranty. The repair specialists at NEPV are highly-trained and equipped with advanced tools.

On-Site or In-Shop Services

NEPV is equipped to handle pumps up to 120”. Large pumps can be re-machined on site using portable machining equipment. Check valves in pumping systems can cause problems. Valves up to 60” can be rebuilt. Gate, globe and check valves can be rebuilt in line using our portable valve grinding equipment. NEPV has a 23,000 sq. ft. facility in which we do our biggest repairs. We also do installation and pressure testing of mechanical seals before delivery of the repaired pump. Emergency repair services is also available. If your pump(s) is vibrating; mechanical seals are leaking; bearings are running hot; or pumping capacity is down - it may be time to call us. We will provide an inspection of your pump(s) and pump system and give you a recommendation on what repairs may be needed.

Call today to learn more about what we can do to repair and install your pump(s).

NEPV provides services to the chemical, water & sewage industries, as well as power plants, paper mills, ship yards, skips & barges. View our complete list of industrial markets served. NEPV, Inc. is a factory approved service center for Torishima Pump Japan.

Pumps Serviced

  • Allweiler
  • American Marsh Pumps
  • BJM
  • Chesterton
  • Chicago Pump
  • Crane
  • C. H. Wheeler
  • Dempster Line Shaft Pumps Turbine Pumps
  • Dunham Bush
  • Durco
  • Ebara
  • Fairbanks Morse
  • Flygt
  • Goulds
  • Griswold Pumps
  • Hydromatic
  • IMO Rotary Pumps
  • J-Line Vertical Pumps
  • KSB
  • MTM Pumps
  • Myers Pumps
  • Paco
  • Patterson
  • Peerless
  • Pumpex
  • Rentzel
  • Smith & Loveless
  • Vaughn Chopper Pumps
  • Vogelsang
  • Weinman
  • Yeoman